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The Encinitas Bazaar open-air market features local artisans and merchants offering unique items. Below is a spotlight on one of the Bazaar’s long-time vendors, Lexi Jones.

Stepping into Lexi Jones’ dream catcher “temple” at the Encinitas Bazaar, you cannot help but smile. “I want to share my art with people any way I can,” Lexi tells me as I look around at the beautiful objects full of love and light.

The curated space of Lexi Jones, a native of Encinitas and owner of Love 360 Creations, showcases her multiple talents. Above, are the dream catchers she weaves. Of all the delicate multi-colored and jewel-toned dream catchers that float above our heads, one large dream catcher sits at the center of her space, drawing me in. It is Lexi’s personal dream catcher, crafted over years, holding treasures from her life – including her graduation tassel, earrings her mother made in the 1970s, and a ring Lexi’s sister gifted her that Lexi jokes she “wore to death.” The piece is not simply beautiful; it reflects the warmth and heart of this young woman. Below the floating dream catchers, Lexi displays her other ethereal wares, including “fairy dust” necklaces she crafts by hand, and her line of essential oil blends.

It is not surprising that people are drawn to Lexi’s space. Lexi readily offers hugs, appreciates the power of human connections, and works hard to make her work something that her “customers cannot help but love.” She is warm, inviting, and gracious. Individuals who meet her not only want to own one of the treasures she has created but also want to know more about the charming young woman who weaves the dream catchers. In addition to creating the beautiful art pieces for her business, she expresses herself through fire-dancing and has performed at Burning Man.

Her inspirations are not obscure artists, but rather, her mother, and her best friends. She notes that she would be nowhere without her parents, who have supported her work from her high school days, shuttling her to the Bazaar, helping her set up. Her parents are her “crew,” she lovingly admits.

When asked about her experience working at the Bazaar, she states that it is the sense of “family” and the amazing energy that draws her to the Encinitas Bazaar. Energy is important for this young artisan, who admits that while her work is rewarding, it can be challenging. Perseverance is necessary, but seems to come naturally to Lexi who notes that, she has learned to “appreciate every moment and always try to look at the positive side of things.” Lexi sees beauty everywhere, elevating everyday objects, and drawing inspiration from everyday things to create unique and custom pieces for her customers. Beauty, without pretension, is an apt description for the world of artisan Lexi Jones. Come and explore her world and meet this artisan at the Encinitas Bazaar.

Article and Photography by Stephanie Khandeshi, a local freelance writer