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The Encinitas Bazaar open-air market features local artisans and merchants offering unique items. Below is a spotlight on one of the Bazaar’s long-time vendors, Deep Deoja.

When in the company of Deep Deoja, long-time vendor of the Encinitas Bazaar, the hurtling pace of the day-to-day slows. Deep’s openness allows his customers at the Bazaar to know him, and touch and feel the communities he works to support. As I am browsing his wares with intricate woodblock prints and rich jewel-toned dyes, I overhear Deep chanting a mantra for a lucky wanderer who has found her way to his stall. Initially attracted to the stall by the gleaming singing bowls, she is surprised by the willingness of Deep to chant, just for her. I stop and watch as a smile creeps across her face, and her body relaxes.

“People need to know you,” Deep stresses to me later, as we discuss his over 15-year history with the Bazaar. One would never guess from the deep smile lines that are ever-present round his eyes, and the way he casually leans in to speak to customers, that opening up was a challenge for Deep. Deep’s mission to create opportunities and help as many people as possible through his work helped him to overcome his reserve and readily make connections.

Foremost in Deep’s business is his commitment to sustainability and growing the businesses in the small communities in Nepal and India where he sources most of his wares. When Deep speaks to his customers, he leans in and describes small cottage industries in Nepal and India. “Everything is small and personal,” Deep notes. The soft timbre of his voice is surprisingly immersive. Listening, one can imagine walking the streets of Kathmandu with Deep, conversing with the artisans, learning about their families and friends.

Deep’s efforts to serve and support communities extends beyond his work at the Bazaar. Deep travels across the nation showcasing the work of Nepali and Indian artisans, and also spreading the powerful and transformative benefits of sound meditation. Deep provides sound meditations sessions where individuals can experience the unique sensation of alternatively floating through and then being bathed in sound. When Deep is off traveling the world, his partner Lotte is at the Encinitas Bazaar, showcasing the treasures from Nepal and India.

Donations received for his Deep Sound Meditation fund Deep’s nonprofit the Bishwa Seva Foundation , which roughly translates to “serving the world we live in.” The foundation has grown from initially supporting the education of 5 Nepali children in 2009 to 57 today. Deep feels fortunate to be able to help so many, but he is eager to do more. Deep nonetheless recognizes the transformative effect his organization has on the lives of those 57 children and their families, just as his work at the Bazaar is helping to transform the lives of those small businesses and families in Nepal and India. The small and the personal is everything, as Deep would say.

As I turn to leave the Bazaar, I see Deep standing amidst prayer flags of purple, blue, green, white, yellow, and red, which dance in the breeze. He is leaning in to speak to another fortunate wanderer who, in entering Deep’s stall, has not just entered a space of beautiful things, but a space that focuses on the power of personal connections, compassion, and kindness. Come explore this world and support the transformative work of Deep Deoja at the Encinitas Bazaar.

Article by Stephanie Khandeshi, a local freelance writer